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Sanctuary Group owns and manages more than 100,000 homes, we are one of the largest social housing and care providers in the UK. Between now and 2023 we aim to build 6,000 new homes and to invest in our existing stock. To help us achieve our growth targets, we are looking for contractors of all sizes across the country to apply for the ConstructDPS to support us with the building of new homes as well as investing in and remodelling our existing housing stock.
The ConstructDPS has streamlined our procurement processes making it simpler for both Sanctuary teams and contractors.

Sanctuary Housing

Become a pre-approved contractor

Opportunities for all sized construction businesses across the UK, join the ConstructDPS for free and become a pre-approved contractor.

Very Small Business

Very small businesses with less than 10 people


SMEs offering one or more construction trades

Large Contractors

Large contractors capable of delivering capital schemes above £5m

What you will need to apply

Business Profile

All contractors must complete a FREE business profile and gain the AMBER status.


Public and Employers liability insurance in place to a minimum value of £5m


A valid SSIP certificate (or complete our H&S self certification)


Apply for value bands up to 50% of your turnover (e.g. a business with a £500k turnover may apply for value bands no higher than £250k)

3 simple steps to apply

Register your business with ConstructDPS

Powered by the Local Supply Chain platform

Apply Now

Complete your business profile for free, and gain the Amber status

All we need from you are some company details, insurances, SSIP & recent turnover

Apply Now

On your Dashboard, apply to join the ConstructDPS

Tell us the services you offer, where in the UK you wish to work and what value bands you would like to be considered for

Apply Now

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a DPS?

    Public sector organisations have to comply with Public Contract Regulations. This a set of legal requirements which governs how they can buy goods and services and works from contractors to ensure fairness and value for money. A DPS is a flexible way for organisations who are covered by the Regulations to select from a list of approved contractors for specific services that they buy regularly. By having a DPS Public Sector organisations can streamline the procurement processes so that, once contractors are on the DPS, they don’t have to demonstrate their suitability and capability every time they wish to compete for a contract. This makes the award of individual contracts quicker than it would otherwise be without the DPS.

  • What services will be required under the DPS?

    A full summary of trades can be found here.

  • Who should apply for the DPS?

    The size and location of our sites will vary greatly from small to large sites, from rural to city centre, and geographic location. The construction trades we require at each site may therefore vary depending on the unique needs of each site. Therefore, we expect the contractors on the DPS to vary, from smaller contractors able to provide a service in a single geographical location, to larger organisations able to provide services at some of our larger sites. We are therefore expecting the DPS to comprise of various sizes of contractors, provided they meet the selection requirements.

  • How long will the DPS be in place?

    We are putting the DPS in place for 10 years, although we will have the option to terminate it earlier if it is no longer required.

  • 10 years is a long time for a contract to last – won’t things change a lot over that time?

    The reason we are using a DPS is because it is flexible and can be changed when necessary. We may update the contract terms and some of the other documents as things change over the course of the contract but this won’t affect the way the DPS operates. All contractors will be notified if we wish to change the terms and conditions and will be given the opportunity to comment on any proposed changes.

  • Does it matter if I can only provide service in part of a county?

    No. We will utilise your LSC Business profile and application information to match you to opportunities that arise in the area you operate in.

  • How will the DPS work?

    Contractors can apply at any time to join the DPS by registering their business on the Local Supply Chain platform, contractors should complete their business profile for free and apply for the DPS via the ‘Home’ screen. LSC will check the applications and once accepted, buyers can run mini competitions via the LSC platform. If you are not accepted the DPS remains open and you can re-apply.

  • Do I need SSIP?

    SSIP accreditation is not a requirement to be accepted on to the DPS. If you do not hold a valid SSIP accreditation, you will need to complete a self-certification Health & Safety form as part of the assessment that will be issued to you via the Local Supply Chain platform. We will expect you to work towards SSIP accreditation once accepted on to the framework, and have the accreditation in place at the point of awarding works.

  • I’ve applied, how long till I know if I am accepted?

    Applications will be checked by the LSC team and you will receive the outcome within 14 days of submitting your application.

  • Who do I contact for support on the platform?

    Contractors should contact Local Supply Chain support – 0800 197 6958 or Support lines are open Monday to Friday 9am-5pm

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